Free roof inspections

Ensure the Integrity of Your Roof

Roof inspections can be important. If you are looking to replace your roof, purchase or sell a property, or would like to inspect any damages that are caused by storms and other factors, get yours inspected. Our experts will visit your home and check all areas and elements of your roof. We are able to inspect both internally and externally to provide a thorough inspection service. We can provide you with the next steps to take! Our professionals are knowledgeable about all types of roofs, so each plan will differ based on the type of roof.

Change orders are a pain. We do it right the first time. Let’s give you some of the many considerations we make when doing a proper roof inspection:

  • Gutter installation and Drip Edge
  • Underlayment situation
  • Flashing inspection – Especially around chimneys
  • Skylights inspected
  • Ventulation (soffit and vent) inspection
  • Brackets for satellite dishes or cable runs
  • Waste stack gaskets
  • Attic inspection